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Conversations My Reflections on AI, Cognitive Computing and Other Wonders

"This is about bringing down the walls of time-to-value and ease of adoption through the democratization of AI."


Latest Writings

  • Is the US Labor Shortage the Big Break AI Needs?

    Hesitancy and misconceptions about AI in the workplace have long been a barrier to widespread adoption — but companies experiencing labor shortages should consider where it can make their employees’ lives better and easier, which can only be a benefit for bottom-line growth.

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  • Why Businesses Managing the Return to the Office Are Wrong

    The great workplace transformation of the decade will not be the shift from physical to virtual, although it will be the most immediate. Instead, organizations need to start planning how technology – and namely, IoT and AI — can be fully integrated into the office.

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  • We Urgently Need to Change the Narrative on AI in the Workforce

    We’ve officially entered an era in which new technologies fuse the physical, digital, and biological worlds. Advancements in artificial intelligence are an integral part of that shift.

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  • Should AI Become a Regulated Technology?

    As the competition for global AI leadership accelerates, countries that impose a heavier regulatory burden on the sector risk falling behind those that nurture a more entrepreneurial climate.

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  • Building A Human-AI Hybrid Workforce

    We’re rapidly approaching a time when humans and digital employees will fuse into a hybrid workforce, fundamentally transforming how we live and work.

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  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Lighten The Load For Customer Service Representatives

    COVID-19 broke things. Economies stalled. Consumer spending dried up. Revenues tanked. Enterprises have started looking at new ways of doing things to simply survive the current situation.

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  • Conversational AI and Amelia: The Industry Takes Notice

    Enterprise customers are slowly coming to the realization that a fragmentary approach to AI-enabled automation simply will not deliver the outcomes, or the innovations, that are expected and desired.

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  • A Practical Road Map To A Hybrid Workforce

    How we work, and the tasks on which we work, are not the only changes coming to workplaces of the future — whom we work with will lead to even more substantial seismic shifts for the modern workforce.

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  • How to Keep AI from Capsizing Your Business

    Enterprise AI isn’t something that businesses can dip their toes into. Companywide buy-in and methodical planning ensure that one’s eyes aren’t too big for his stomach. That can be difficult when economic expectations are high.

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Webinars and Podcasts

Join the discussion on how AI will bring about a true Human-Machine hybrid workforce, changing the Future of Work for the better. Watch and listen to these sessions featuring Chetan to learn more.

  • What's Next in AI-Powered Digital Transformation

    Chetan and Everest Group Founder and CEO Peter Bendor-Samuel discussed how to create extraordinary customer experiences with AI and automation.

    Watch the What's Next Seminar

  • What's Next in Intelligent Automation

    Chetan hosted Craig LeClair, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, for a discussion on the enterprise value of Intelligent Automation and orchestration.

    Watch the What's Next Seminar

  • Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast, Part 2

    During Part 2 of Intelligent Automation Radio’s podcast with Chetan, he discussed how the US government can leverage AI to significantly reduce its trade deficit, among other topics.

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  • What's Next in Conversational AI

    Chetan hosted Gartner's Anthony Bradley for the first session in a new hybrid webinar series, What's Next, focused on the impending industry impact of Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation.

    Watch the What's Next Seminar

  • Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast, Part 1

    Chetan spoke on the Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast about why traditionally risk-averse industries went all in on Conversational AI, the differentiating edge it provides them, and the biggest challenges organizations are experiencing in deploying automation and Conversational AI.

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  • NTT Webinar

    Chetan discusses Amelia’s collaboration with NTT, a Japanese technology services company. In his address, Chetan describes the many crucial differences between chatbots and intelligent conversational AI systems.

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  • EXL Webinar

    Learn how Conversational AI solutions can deliver a trifecta of impacts: superior experiences, better outcomes and lower costs.

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  • Everest Group Webinar

    To handle today’s ongoing business challenges and future disruptions, enterprises need to invest in a Digital Workforce that includes AI. We'll explore how in this session.

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  • The Democratization of AI

    AI can build AI and speed adoption around the world. Explore how you can make it happen.

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    The Future of Work

    Digital and human colleagues are working together more closely than ever. In fact, within the next five years you will pass a colleague in the hall at work and not know whether it is a person or a machine.

    • The Value of HyperAutomation

      With the right platform in place, companies can experience benefits from intelligent automation, orchestration and end-to-end business processes.

    • Human-Centered AI

      A discussion with Professor Christopher Manning of Stamford University

    • Leadership in Technology

      Innovation takes vision and drive.

    • The Power of Conversational AI

      Science can create human-like emotions and actions.

    • Cognitive Computing's Business Impact

      Looking at AI's continuing impact in a discussion with CXO Talk.

    • The Future of Robotic Automation

      Automation taking center stage at the HFS Summit in New York City.

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    I have served as Founder, President and CEO of Amelia (formerly IPsoft) since its inception in 1998. Previously, I served as an Assistant Professor at New York University, where my research was focused on deterministic finite-state computing engines.

    I serve on the board of numerous IT-related institutions and I regularly speak and present on a variety of topics, such as autonomics, cognitive computing and the impact of a digital workforce. And I welcome the opportunity to engage in discussions with like-minded individuals who are as fascinated about AI's evolving impact on the world as I am.

    Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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